Saturday, April 28, 2012

Of Butterflies and Teeter-Totters

Yesterday Daughter #3 found a little butterfly that was in need of some energy. She enjoys feeding the butterflies whenever she has the opportunity.  We had a cup of Koolaid on hand and that worked perfectly (though maybe not the healthiest option!).  There's still so very few flowers due to it just being early/mid spring and all.  An early spring is hard on butterflies.

Red Admiral Butterfly

See the butterfly's long straw-like tongue in the very front?
It's sipping up the drops of Kool-aid on her finger.

Last weekend when we made the trip to take Daughter #2 back to my sister's to start her job we had to make a trip to our former neighbor's barn to pick up a load of our stuff (sadly we still have way too much stuff there though we've already brought back several loads! It's mostly DH's business stuff but we have some personal stuff there too). We had room in our little trailer to bring back the teeter-totter. Now mind you, most of the kids are kinda big for this toy (ya think?) but that doesn't stop them from playing on it using it.  I caught Daughter #1 and Son #4 having some fun. 

I thought that maybe they were meditating on levitating
but Daughter #1 said that she was just trying to find some balance in life.

I've been playing around with picture edits on Pixlr.  Just briefly.  I miss Picnik desperately but I will hopefully survive.  It's always hard to leave behind the familiar and try to stretch the old brain to learn new programs.  :-P  I'm still struggling to navigate the changes here on Blogger.  :-(  Sigh.

We're planning on a little housework catch-up and some garden work this weekend.  Love to have my hands in the earth! 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures of the butterfly :)
Have a lovely Day


Tombstone Livestock said...

Great shots of the butterfly. Can one ever be too old for teeter-totter?

Kerrie Laws said...

Aw the butterflies were sweet! Loved the teter- toter pic too!
Love yas!

Kerrie Laws said...

Still trying to figure this posting thing out! I corrected totter and it wouldnt except-silly thing! But at least I figured out how to post from google account! :-)

GrammyK said...

Yeah, once you figure out how to operate some new program they up and change it or take it away!! :-P