Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Shearing a "Mop Head"

For nearly a year Son #5 has been growing his hair out.  First it was just parental negligence.  ;-)  Then it became an experiment.  With the exception of Son #1 all of my boys have wanted to grow their hair out. 

Son #2 started growing his out when he was about 14 or so.  (these 2 pictures are scans so the quality stinks)

And he usually kept it in a ponytail.
(look how skinny he is!!)

Then Son #3 had long hair for a long time.
Gelled in natural ringlets

Straightened with a hair straightener.

So yesterday I decided that I had had enough of looking at Son #5's Mop Head! 
This is brushed out.  When it wasn't brushed... Wow!
Doesn't it sorta look like he's wearing a wig?

MUCH better!!!
He's 11 so he'll have plenty of time to regrow it if he wants.


Chatty Crone said...

Well the boys I know are nice no matter what their hair length is - but I like the haircut! sandie

Tombstone Livestock said...

I am so glad he agreed to a hair cut. The before picture does not look like a wig ...... it looks like a girl, a real pretty girl. Now he looks like a handsome young man.