Monday, January 2, 2012

My Bible for 2012

Each year I try to read from a different (version) bible for a new perspective.  I'm amazed at the many choices that we have nowadays!  ;-)

This year my dad and step-mom sent us The Expositior's Study Bible (KJV) Crossfire Edition for Christmas.  It's from Jimmy Swaggart Ministries and is actually a teen/young adult bible.

I'm enjoying the commentary as it's directly after the scripture addressed.  Bible and Commentary in one.  It makes for good retention and better understanding all the way around.  Granted, I don't agree with everything the commentary presents but overall it's very informative.  The older kids are impressed with it as well.

As a rule I try to read 3-5 chapters each day.  Our local radio station JoyFM has a nifty little chart that any box checker should love!!  You can find it here.  Print it up if you like and chart your progress.  Or just wing it and read as much as you are able on a daily (or nearly so) basis.  I confess that I've never made it all the way through in one year but I continue to strive for that goal.  :-)

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Chatty Crone said...

I have made it through the Bible - but I will tell you - buy a set of the Barkley Commentaries - they are great. sandie