Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Meet Fluffy

A few months ago we had a stray cat show up around our place. 

For many weeks it kept it's distance and I assumed that she had a home nearby and was just out cattin'.  Eventually DH's uncle (who lives next door) decided to be friendly and feed it.  I guess she decided that she liked it here!!  But all wasn't well.  He said that she bullied the other cats (that belong to my in-laws who are snowbirding in Texas right now), ran them off and ate up all the food.  It turned into a big deal.  I liked the cat (but I like most all cats!!) and thought it would be nice to have it around.  DH nor his uncle were hip with this idea at all cause DH's dad is very particular about his cats--especially one, Tiger.  DH's uncle says that he would be evicted from the homestead before Tiger.  I'm not so sure he's not right!!  ;-) 

Soon it somehow became our responsibility to find it a new home.  A shelter.  Dump it.  Bring it inside our mobile home.  Something!!  Just get rid of it so it wouldn't bother to the other cats!!  Sigh.  Then we discover that the shelters were full--and I refuse to dump an animal!!  DH doesn't like animals, this cat has long hair--and we just plain don't have a very good track record when it comes to cats.  Sigh.

So one day with all of this drama going on I'm outside working on cleaning up the yard a bit (it was a nice day) and I hear this voice--not audible but in my head, "As you do unto this cat so it will be done unto you".  Yeah.  I know.  Totally cuckoo!!  And I'm thinking, there is no way that I'm saying any of this to DH.  He's desperate to get rid of this cat and he'll think I'm nuts and resorting to drastic measures to keep the cat (which I was ok with finding it another home).  Lol!!  But the message sounded so totally ominous and I now doubly wasn't having any part of dumping this cat!! 

A few days pass and we had kind of quit talking about the cat (who comes when you call "Fluffy" by the way).  We're driving to the store and he mentions the cat.  I'm thinking "I will not say anything!  I will not say anything!" and feeling like I should say something.  I pray silently, "Lord if you want this cat to stay with us you will have to do a work in my husband's heart cause he just doesn't like animals and we already have more than he wants!!"  Finally I can't stand it anymore and I tell him what I "heard".  He says that he's been thinking that we should just keep the cat and he wanted to buy some cat food while we're out.  And that's what we did.

The very next day it was really cold outside and when I opened the door that morning "Fluffy" ran inside.  DH remarks that the cat was inside and I told him that it was really cold out.  From that moment she became OUR cat. 

She goes in and out as she pleases (with a human opening the door for her of course!), behaves very well and the dogs get along with her great.  And she's very loving too.  I'm impressed!!

So the other day while I was out taking pictures of the starlings she's hanging out with me and I snap this shot of her!!  I haven't done anything to the picture except resize it for putting up here.  It cracks me up everytime I look at it!!  In fact, Son #6 tells me to stop looking at it cause my laughing is "too noisy"!!  LOL!!

Some creatures just don't like having their picture taken!!

Here's a "sweeter" picture...

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Teena said...

I laighed too. Great story. Pretty cat!