Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Little Miscellany

Today I will be going to pick up Daughter #2 to bring her home for a little visit. She's been feeling a bit homesick so we thought she should come for a few days. I'm sure shopping and cooking and maybe a craft project or two will be in order. :-)

She sent me this picture of her eating a deer leg. I'm sure it was delicious but it just doesn't sound all that appetizing when put that way... "eating a deer leg"  ;-)

I was looking through my picture file and realized that I hadn't posted this one yet. Such a cool sky picture!! Another one taken while out walking the dogs early in the morning. Amazing how that few minutes a day has enriched my life so much!!

This week I will be scouring the grocery stores for Blood Oranges.  Our family are blood orange freaks!!  I could buy them buy the dozens and we'll eat them up in no time!!
Photo courtesy of Simply Recipes

Now that they are in season again...  I'm planning to make some Blood Orange Marmalade over the weekend or early next week.

Since the past year had been such an uncertain one with...
more sorting
and trying to make all of our belongings fit into a tiny mobile home
(still a work in progress!!)...
I haven't had time to do any canning. I've missed it terribly.

So, I'm hoping that I can work some "putting food by" into our schedule. I'd like to do some little something at least once a month--or more oftten if I can swing it.  That's my new goal anyway!!  I'll be keeping you updated.

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Chatty Crone said...

Have fun with your daughter. sandie