Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Beautiful Misty Morning

I took this picture this morning from my in-laws side of the property.  Such a beautiful misty morning we had today.  From this point the highway (2 lanes) is probably 40 feet away or so.  Beyond that (up higher) are the railroad tracks.  While we have the highway and RR tracks so close and there is a lot of noise from them, we are still pretty rural--surrounded by farmland all around.  In real life you can see the hills in the background much better than in the picture.  Those hills are actually Illinois.  That's how close to the Mississippi River we are in Missouri.  (The first house that DH and I bought when our oldest boys were small was on the slough of the Mississippi River.) 

Even with the highway so close to us (about 150 feet from our mobile home) there is an abundance of wildlife here--bunnies, squirrels, possums, skunks, raccoons, and lots and lots of birds.  In the spring it sounds like a bird sanctuary outside!!  I was surprised a couple of days ago to see robins hopping along on the ground.  Robins in January.  Rather unusual for this area. 

With the colder winter weather (though it's been unusually mild so far this year) it hasn't been as pleasant walking our little dogs in the morning--but I'm usually rewarded by some beautiful sight or pleasant form of nature.  Very enjoyable if not a bit chilly.  :-)

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