Saturday, October 1, 2011


In the past few months I have seen more sunrises than I have in my entire life combined.  It all started back in June while still living at our other house--when we just didn't have enough money to pay our electric bill and they shut our electric off.  That was 3 days after my birthday and a couple of days before we moved the children here.  You know, when you live by lamp light you end up going to bed early.  Like when it gets too dark to see.  Lamp light isn't that bright.  Especially when you're trying to conserve your oil.  :-)

So, needless to say, if you go to bed when it gets dark, you wake up when it starts getting light.  That's when those pesky flies that hid from your flyswatter the day before start buzzing around and landing on your face while you're trying to squeeze in those last few minutes of sleep--before the sun is too dazzling to remain sleeping.  It's just too frustrating to stay in bed!

After we moved the children up here to the new place DH and I still had to spend a LOT of time at the old place sorting, packing and moving.  We never did have the electricity restored and the habit of going to be early and getting up early just stuck.  And that's from someone who grew up with a dad who worked 2nd shift and was allowed to wait up for him many nights.  Later DH worked 2nd shift and we only had one vehicle--so I had to take him to work and pick him up many times.  It was natural for us to go to bed late and get up late.  Even after 2nd shift was just a thing of the past.

Ironically, since we've moved here our Dachshunds get up early too.  When it starts to get light outside our two males, Oliver and Uno are at the door of our travel trailer whining to go out.  So out of bed I climb and into the chilly morning we go.  And that's where I get to witness one of God's most beautiful creations...  Sunrise.

It's been interesting to watch the sun come up later and move toward the south as the month has progressed.
This was taken on Sept 1st at a couple of minutes past 7am.

This was taken this morning (a month later) at around 7:15.

See how different the sun's position is.


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Tempress said...

It's a wonderful thing isn't it? :) Gorgeous.

It's things like this that make rough times a little more peaceful. It's nice to find these little blessings in the midst of discomfort. My family's going through something similar to yours yet we're still able to find joy in this life. We only have God to thank.