Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hanging Out The Laundry

Being financially devastated challenged has allowed us to get back to the basics in many areas of life.  I have always enjoyed doing many of the simple old fashioned things.  Hanging laundry has always been one of them. 

I can remember "helping" my mom hang out the laundry when I was about 6 or so.  I remember this clearly because I burst through the clothes that she was hanging up as I belted out "Bye Bye Miss American Pie" at the top of my lungs.  My mom just about jumped 2 feet off the ground and squealed about how I scared her half to death!!  Oh how I loved scaring my mom!!   As I got older I came up with many creative ways to improve my techniques.  Doesn't she look so innocent and unsuspecting???  I'm so evil!! 

Uh, where were we?  Oh, yeah.  Laundry...

I love natural things.  Forget plastic when you can have something natural!!  I LOVE wicker laundry baskets!
I had a friend once question my wisdom, wondering why in the world I wasted money on something that was so "flimsy" and would just fall apart.  I defended myself saying that plastic doesn't last nearly as long!!  And would it shock you to know that this basket is almost 20 years old? 
OK, it does look a little worse for the wear but, in it's defense, it's went through quite a few puppies and babies and children and toys... PLUS laundry.  I still use it even now.  I have some others that are almost just as old that are doing storage duty right now since they're in better shape.

And isn't this handy dandy little clothespin apron just the cutest thing??
See the embroidered clothespin on the pockets? 
I bought this apron at WalMart on clearance for a couple of dollars a few years back and just stuck it away for "someday".  Our clothesline at the old place was overgrown by tree branches and the clothes ended up crawling with bugs and spiders galore!!  Yikes!!  So I was waiting for DH to trim the branches before I could hang out clothes again.  And I waited and I waited...  It just wasn't the highest priority on his list of important things to do.  :-)

Instead of thinking about the loss of "convenience"...
Now I have plenty of opportunity to use my apron and my beloved basket. 

It's all about perspective.


Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh I was just talking to someone today about these very things.

I am going to send you her site too.

I am so glad you are following me and I am following you!


It is ALL a matter of perspective.


Jean said...

Sandie sent me the link to your site. I love my solar clothes dryer. I must get me one of those cool aprons!
You are a gal I would love to meet.