Saturday, August 27, 2011

Almost Finished...

We are nearly done moving everything. Well, almost. We ended up moving a lot of our stuff to a neighbor's barn nearby because we were simply out of time.  After stopping by one day to check on us, he was compassionate to our plight and told us to move as much as we could into his unused barn. There just wasn't enough time to haul everything in such small trailer loads over a 150 miles away and get it all out of there.  It's only a temporary solution and we will have to eventually (soon) get it all out of the neighbor's barn--but at least we're not under so much pressure.  For now.

I took a few pictures with my camera phone of our hillbilly uhaul. :-) This load wasn't as humorous as the first load I posted about last time but you get the general idea...

Daughter #2 was a big help!!

My nephew (Cousin #2) was a life saving, TOTAL blessing!!  Without his help we could never have made it!!  (I realize this picture is really grainy but I love it!!)

We made a new friend. He's a handsome young black rat snake.

He tolerated Sons #5 and 6 for a little while but then got pretty agitated until Daughter #2 took him back.

He really enjoyed his time with Daughter #2.

Tomorrow we have to go back to "the old, old house" (as Son #6 calls it) to pick up the last few things and load up our big dogs and bring them home. I hope we survive the journey. Hopefully they won't be too car sick and they behave themselves!!!  DH just isn't the biggest animal lover and this situation is potentially hazardous!!  This should be our last trip for a little while until we have to start bringing stuff back from the neighbor's barn.  It will be nice to have a chance to live a normal life again for a little while.  :-)

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