Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I cannot believe that, as a child, I loved moving.  Even 13 years ago, moving wasn't difficult.  I feel OLD and exhausted.  :-(  We are neither here nor there.  DH and I, along with Son #6 (who would rather spend long, tedious hours "helping" his mommy pack and clean up the old place than stay at the new place without me) are spending our weeks half here and half there.  Daughters #1 and 3 are staying with my sister until the move is finally final.  The rest of the children are at the new place with their Grandma and PawPaw.  It's tedious and I hate being apart with all of the un-normalness of it all.  I long for ordinary, boring days!!  I know it's coming soon since we are almost done with moving and cleaning. 

So far nothing has really worked out as we had planned and everything has taken twice as long as we figured (or longer!).  DH tries really hard to do as much as he can but he still has so much pain in his back.  (I think he would get better if he could just take some time to rest and heal--it's been less than a year since his spinal fusion surgery.)  I have gotten stronger than I ever thought possible with each heavy box or item I lift and load/unload.  My blood sugar readings are consistently lower (sometimes way too low!) with all of the extra exercise.  I usually manage to keep myself in good spirits but I confess that sometimes I fail miserably. 

We are still working to get electricity into the new place (a 1960s mobile home with an addition) and are living in our recently purchased 1978 travel trailer while working on getting our 1976 Winnebago RV drivable to bring to the new place.  The children have been amazingly adaptable and don't fuss about the inconvenience of any of it (which is something that I cannot claim for myself!). 

The plan is for me, DH and the boys to live in the 1960s mobile home, Daughters #2 and 4 to share the 1978 travel trailer and Daughters #1 and 3 to share the 1976 Winnebago RV.  I remember when I was in my teens how one of my big dreams was to live in a travel trailer!  :-)  I've always been fascinated with houses on wheels.

I'll post pictures when I have a little more time and my head has cleared a bit.  At least we do have Internet again finally!!  It's practically shameful how much we've come to rely on Internet access--and how grumpy I am without it!!  (blush!)

Just thought I'd check in. 


Fruitful Harvest said...

You've been in my thoughts and prayers! Glad to here things are coming along OK for the most part!

Peace and Love,

Carol............. said...

Moving takes so much out of a person not just physically but the emotional aspect as well. Hang in there.

KathyB. said...

You can call yourselves the "Caravan Family", sounds like fun and adventure in the face of adversity. It is always good to be able to laugh at adversity and share family closeness throughout.

GrammyK said...

Thanks for the encouragement, kind thoughts and prayers!! They are so appreciated!! I'm hoping to feel more "human" again soon! :-)