Wednesday, February 2, 2011


                                                                                                        Staten Island Advance/Jan Somma-Hammel

The verdict is in!!!  Staten Island Chuck has determined that we will have an early spring this year!!  Oh yeah!!  I'm ready!!  I'm ready!!  For Spring!!  I'm ready!!  I'm ready!!

Ok, never mind that yesterday we had a blizzard here in Missouri and it's going to take forever for this stuff to melt off.  I'm guessing that we got about 2 feet of snow!!  It's hard to tell with the drifts and whatnot.  There is over 2 feet of the white stuff on our front porch where the little boys have tunneled through--their version of an igloo!  Yep, though it was well below freezing yesterday and the winds were howling with white-out conditions my kids were outside as much as I would let them.  They didn't care a bit about hypothermia risks!!  :-)

Yesterday was Daughter #3's birthday.  Not just any birthday but her Sweet 16th birthday!!! 

Sadly, the festivities will have to wait until the roads are a bit clearer--to accomodate our guests.  We're hoping for this Saturday but we'll have to wait and see.  She's used to it though.  Seems like it's something or another postponing her party nearly every year.  Poor girl!!

I'll try to get out a bit and take some pictures of the snow to post.  Actually I'll probably just send out brave and adventerous Daughter #2 who loves the snow--our Ice Princess.

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grammy said...

Happy BD to your girl (o:
I don't remember that BD...except for going to get my drivers license!
The 4 girls were here today and we looked at your Groundhog picture...then printed one to color (o: