Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow and Pictures

We are still snowed in from Tuesday's blizzard.  DH has been getting out and about but I prefer to just hang out here at home.  We have limited access to the Internet here and I'm glad that I brought home my computer from the office so that I could use it while we've been NOT going out in the cold, snowy weather.  I still haven't gotten out to take pictures but daughter #4 took this one of our house.  We have between 18 and 24 inches.  The drifts are taller.  We're not going to be doing Daughter #3's birthday party this weekend since travel is still not up to par.  Not to mention that we are supposed to get another inch or two tonight.  Have I mentioned that I'm ready for spring???? 

This is our swingset in the backyard (in sad need of repair.  But since the little boys are getting so big it's probably time to find it a new home).

Check out this "Ice Age" picture! (I was referred to this site--not something that I endorse!! Just thought the picture was pretty cool!--pun intended). Of course this picture doesn't depict the ice and nasty stuff that they've been getting down south either!

During my computer time I've been mixing things up here on my blog a bit.  I'm thinking of closing down my garden and health blogs (since I don't have time for all three) and just posting everything here in their own categories.  I haven't fully decided yet.

If life continues to lead us down the path that we have been traveling I will have some other news to share soon (no, sadly I'm not pregnant).  I'm just not quite ready yet.  So stay tuned.  In the next few weeks I'll be ready.  Sorry to be so cryptic but I need to work myself into it.  Hopefully it's going to be a good thing and quite exciting.  And difficult and stressful too.  ;-) 

Uno is continuing to grow and is starting to play and loves to be held and played with.  Olivia isn't too impressed with him trying to play with her so we try to keep a stuffed animal with him (since he doesn't have any brothers or sisters for companions).  We've begun to feed him puppy food "gruel" and he seems to like it.

So we're just enjoying life in the slow lane.  Getting school done without distractions and having a great time being housebound.  Unfortunately Daughter #2 came down with some sort of cold and I'm hoping and praying that we don't all get it too!!  I really don't care for being sick!!

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grammy said...

I go a little crazy being snowed in with the pre-school day care kids (o:
Now I am curious about your news...
Stay warm (o: