Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Son #1 (and also Cousin #3)

Thought I'd post some fun pictures of Son #1 since today is his birthday. :-)   Please note that his early pictures have very poor quality since they've been through a flood in 1993.  We lost so many of our pictures so I am thankful for the ones we were able to salvage.

His hospital birth picture. At age 15, thanks to pitocin, I had a really HARD and fast labor and birth--the doctors obviously wanted to give me the worst possible birth experience so I'd make sure to never make that "mistake" again!! Little did they know that I just wanted to have a better experience and do it right next time!! He doesn't look too impressed to have made his grand entrance into this cruel, cold world does he?

What a charmer!!  Do you see the line of drool running down his chin?  Turns out that extra salivary glands run in DH's family.  He could soak a bib in just a few minutes!!  I've never seen anything like it!!

Age 4 with his brother (Son #2).  This was taken at day care when I worked part time.  They never really fussed about having to go to day care and enjoyed playing with the other kids and especially liked snack time.

Age 11.  This was during the time period when we got flooded.  It was a really hard time for him because we lost our home and had to move away from both sets of grandparents and everything that he loved.  He got pretty depressed.  It was rough.

Age 18 (or so).  Family vacation at Galveston Island State Park. 

2010.  Doing what he loves best--building blocks with the little ones. 

Today his co-workers took him out to lunch for his birthday to a really nice Mexican restaurant.  After the meal the staff brought out a big sombrero for him to wear while they sang "Happy Birthday" to him.  Then they gave him his peice of cake--and proceded to shove it in his face!!  He said that he was kind of suspicious when the sombrero came out and all the guys got out their cell phones for pictures!...

Happy Birthday

Also a big Happy Birthday to Cousin #3!!! It's the big *18*!!! :-)


grammy said...

Happy BD to your son....
great pictures ... looks like fun

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the pics! Happy Bday to your firstborn.