Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December's Happenings...

So much going on around our place--and not enough time to sit down and share in a timely manner!! So excuse the jumbled up, picture filled post. Sadly, most of the Christmas pictures turned out too blurry!

Here are DH's "snowbird" parents on their way to Texas from our house

We had a white Christmas!! Unusual for us. This picture shows that weeping willow trees aren't just pretty in the summer.

This is a cross stitch project that has been years and years in the making.  I bought the pattern and some of the supplies 6 or 7 years ago and only just started it in fall of '09 hoping to have it done by last Christmas.  Hahahahahahahaha!!  I finally got it finished this year for Christmas.  DH collects eagles and Isaiah 40:31 is his favorite Scripture.  Perfect!!  Daughter #2 drew his name for a gift this year and she supplied the barnwood frame.

Son #4's 12th birthday on the day after Christmas. He's really hard to get a good picture of...

Nearly everytime the camera is pointed in his direction he just can't help but make a face. This is why I haven't updated his picture in my sidebar for eons!! I have to work on that!

These are our Daschunds Oliver and Olivia (picture was taken about 6 months ago.  That cushion has long since found a home in the dumpster!).  Ollie is 11 and Olivia is getting close to 2 now.  We've been planning to breed them and have been waiting for an "opportune moment".

Lately she's been doing lots of this...
For the past couple of weeks I've noticed that she's been getting so chubby and I've been teasing her about it. Then a few days ago we all noticed that her nipples had started to swell and her tummy was really starting to grow.  So I guess that when she went "in season" the last of October she must've met up with Ollie on the sly--despite our diligence (waiting for a better time period than selling puppies in February/March).  At least we're hoping that it's Ollie she met up with and not one of the neighbor's little dogs!!  Yikes!!

Son #3's birthday is right around the corner on the 30th.  He will officially be an adult--the big "21".

Looking forward to a NEW YEAR!! 


grammy said...

Love the cross stitch. Great picture and frame too.
Happy BD to your son. I am not sure I could do a 12 year old boy again...yikes.
Don't you hate it when pictures come out blurry...I had some like that too.
Puppies...fun (o:

Fruitful Harvest said...

WOW I have been reading your blog and getting caught up~

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you too.

A birthday after Christmas.....that's rough! lol

I love your doggies! So cute!

My mom came out for a week....she just left yesterday. This next week I will be visiting my real lfe friends and purging stuff from the house....I feel like cleaning! So far this week I packed up 10 large bags of toys,clothes and kitchen stuff for GOODWILL :)

After the new year I will try to come by and visit more often!

Peace and Love,