Sunday, November 21, 2010

Reversing Diabetes

 This is the new book that I am reading.  I'm not seeing real progress with what I was doing with Suzanne Somers Somersizing program and actually feeling worse with my blood sugars falling too low when I take my medicine as prescribed or seeing it creep too high when I "improvise".  My goal has always been to actually reverse the diabetes and get off the medication--so this book is really making me feel like I can do it.  Only thing is that it's the total opposite way that I eat.  It's high carb and low fat and low protein.  For this salt lovin carnivore it's a drastic change.  Conventional wisdom tells me that a high carb diet just isn't for a diabetic but the results that he gets from his patients...  Well I just gotta try it!!

I know it seems like I'm just kind of hopping from one thing to another but when you have a doctor who just tells you to be a good girl and do what he says and don't worry about any of it--when you know that there's a better way...  And I'm not one to go to the doctor anyway!  I've always tended to do things "my way".  So this is me just trying to get everything figured out and get on the path that will take me to my desired destination.  I've just hit some dead ends and construction along the way.

So on the 26th I plan to start this new way of eating and see if it works the way I hope that it will.  I'll be posting updates.


Gabriele Agustini said...

I wish you the best of luck and congratulate you on taking things into your own hands!! You go, girl!!
I'm a "Follower" now, so I can come back for updates.
I just know you'll do well!!

klea said...

Thanks for your kind comments!! It's nice to have a bit of support when nearly everyone else thinks I'm a bit strange for taking my health into my own hands! :-)