Monday, October 18, 2010

A Get-together at Ha Ha Tonka

It was a family get-together at Ha Ha Tonka the weekend before last (October 9th) and we had a great time!!!  We celebrated Cousin #6's 10th birthday after a nice picnic lunch and the kids burned off lots and lots of energy.  The weather couldn't have been more perfect.

Setting out to walk a trail

On the trail

The Natural Bridge

Boys will be boys...
(Cousin #6, Son #4 and Son #6)

Even when they're older
(Cousin #4 and Son #3)

The young'uns

The old'uns--ahhhmmm "adults" 
Me, my younger sister, my youngest sister and my Mom
(Do you see their beautiful, soft, NOT frizzy hair??  Mine 
always looks like I stuck my finger in a "light socket"!!)

Daughter #2 feeling artistic
with the Castle in the background

Son #3 feeling artistic

Cousin #1 lookin handsome
with more Castle in the background

Cousin #3 eating birthday cake
(Cousin #5 in the background)

Daughter #2 and Cousin #2 horsin' around
She's just always got to walk all over everybody

All in all a wonderful day.  My camera battery died (nothing surprising!) so many of these pictures are taken with Son #3's iPhone--which didn't turn out half bad.  :-)


grammy said...

What a great outing...much fun was had
The penny post is scary. We know as moms and Grandmas that it may have happened when we did not know matter how careful we are. It usually comes out. This time it was really scary. Glad he is OK now.

Fruitful Harvest said...

What fun pictures!
I love the "artistic" ones!

I take so many pictures too that my battery goes cuput!

Peace and Love,