Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The $6,000 Penny

This is the X-ray parents and grandparents just don't really want to see. 

Last Wednesday my sweet Daughter In Law (Son #1's wife) had to take Grandson #1 to the ER because he had thrown up blood.  They deducted that he had had a bloody nose, had swallowed blood and then threw it up.  They offered an X-ray but she denied--being the "least course of intervention" kind of mommy she is (who would've ever known?).  But he kept gagging and couldn't eat very well--just wasn't feeling up to par and after much counsel a few days later decided to get him to the dr. as soon as they could--first thing Monday morning (they knew that if something was stuck in there it was stuck tight and probably not too dangerous).  Poor little guy.  The X-ray revealed a coin--and it looked huge.  The dr. wagered (pun intended) that it was a penny while everyone guessed it was a quarter (I was thinking half dollar!!  Ha Ha!).

This morning he had the coin removed at the hospital under anesthesia and is already on his way back home.  Yay!!  I confess that I had a hard time sleeping thinking of the poor little guy and praying.  But all is well and they are going to frame their $6,000 penny.  


Anonymous said...

Weelll, I didn't exactly deny the x-ray. I asked if he thought it was necessary (he didn't), so I left it at that. In hindsight I should have covered all the bases, but had he said he wanted to I would not have objected.
I'm so thankful God was looking out for us!

GrammyK said...

Oh yeah, that's so understandable. I mean who would've thought? As far as everyone was concerned the case was open and shut and why do more than is necessary? I'm sure I (and nearly everyone else) would've done the same thing--especially since money doesn't grow on trees!! I mean hindsight 20/20 right? But it is as the Lord has ordained it and you have a miraculous story to share now. I am just so thankful that everything worked out so wonderfully. I still get the heebee-jeebees just thinking about it all!! :-)

Mrs Adept said...

Ackkk~!! That is super scary. God definitely had His protective hand on the child.

Fruitful Harvest said...

Oh how scarey!
I'm glad it all turned out good!

Peace and Love,