Friday, September 24, 2010

A Momma's "Major Milestones" Week

This week has seen a couple of major milestones for me. Our little guy, Son #6 (6.5 years old) lost his first tooth. This is quite possibly the last first tooth a child of ours will lose. He was really excited. We don't do the tooth fairy but I do give each child $2 for their first tooth. I also collect all of their teeth and save them in my special "treasure box". Those teeth have all gotten mixed up somehow--but that's ok. :-)

Also today he's having his first sleep-over (with most of his siblings) at the cousins' house (over an hours drive one way). The last time his brothers went he was sad and lonely. This time he packed a backpack too and told me he'd be fine. They'll all be gone until Monday. I hope he makes it. Sigh. I hope *I* make it!! :-)

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