Monday, August 23, 2010

The Schwarzbein Principle

Does anyone else find dietary advice on healthful eating confusing?  So many conflicting opinions on what is good and bad--to eat or not eat protein, which oils are good for your body and which aren't, who's diet plan to follow...  The list goes on and on.

Right now I am reading the book The Schwarzbein Principal: The Program

My goal, whenever I read a book, is to glean the information that is relevant to my situation and that matches up to the ideals that I hold to be true.

Much of this program speaks to my "traditional foods" frame of mind by encouraging you to eat foods that you can "pick, gather, milk, fish or hunt".  I believe that there is wisdom in living and eating as close to nature as possible.  My heart's desire is to prepare foods in the ways that our ancestors did before all of our modern convenience foods and gadgets.

However, I find that the recommended amounts of food to be a bit too high.  I cannot eat that much food and to "gag it down" seems like an affront to my body's wisdom.  As always I come back to the "moderation in all things" philosophy.  I'm not afraid to eat--and eat a lot.  I just have a hard time digesting so much food.

I bought the accompanying cookbook and look forward to using many of the recipes in the future.

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