Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Still Have Pepper Plants

I managed to wade through the weeds (both our riding mower and push mower have been out of commission this year but a neighbor kindly mowed the most important areas for us a few weeks ago!) to the garden area and discovered that my pepper plants are still alive but buried under a forest of weeds.  I got in there and did a fast general weeding and watered them pretty good.  We still have lots of time for peppers yet as there were even lots of blooms on many of them.  I need to get in there again and get an area cleared for the spinach and lettuce plus I was thinking there is still time for green beans as well.  Last fall we had a bumper crop of Jade beans.  Very tasty.

It's very humbling to have to acknowledge our failures--but it's nice to know that I didn't plant a huge garden only to see it ruined when all the things we've had to deal with came along.  The Master Gardener is well aware of the future and so I feel confident that He will continue to lead me through what needs to be done when it needs doing.  :-)

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