Monday, May 3, 2010

The New Batch of Birthdays

In early April daughters #2 & 4 had birthdays. Both girls wanted cameras but we just didn't have the money. Fortunately we were able to sell my baby doppler on eBay and we had a late birthday party. We were so late that we even combined the party to include DH's dad whose birthday was at the end of April. Check out all that candle smoke!! To be fair there were three cakes. :-)

DH's dad turned 70!!

Daughter #2's favorite gifts--besides her camera--were a Kingdom Hearts shirt (from Hot Topic) and a Kingdom Hearts necklace that I made for her. She's a big Kingdom Hearts fan--if you couldn't tell.

A close up of the necklace (a little too dark). I found a Kingdom Hearts keychain at Hot Topic and refashioned it into a necklace. She really likes it!! :-)


grammy said...

Happy BD to all those lucky people (o:
The smoke is funny
what is Kingdom Hearts?
What is a baby doppler?
glad you were able to make money on it (o:
Your necklace was great

GrammyK said...

Kingdom Hearts is a very popular video game featuring Disney characters and Anime` (Final Fantasy) characters. She's a big Anime' fan and artist (a very good artist at that!!)

I took the Kingdom Hearts character test and found out that I'm Goofy!! ;-)

And a baby doppler is one of those handheld ultrasounds that let you hear the whoosh, whoosh, whoosh of your baby's heartbeat. I bought it after we lost our last little one in 2006--a full term stillbirth. I never even used it but my sweet daughter-in-law did with both of her little guys. She lost 3 babies before her oldest and liked having the doppler on hand if she got worried. Saves on an ER visit.

I'm glad it sold too! :-)

Fruitful Harvest said...

HappY Birthday ALL~

We are starting our spring round of birthdays here at the Bluebird Cottage! Jackie just turned 5 then oldest son will be 16 in 2 weeks and youngest boy will be 8 June 11.

Then we have a 6 week break until the birthdays start up again!

Great job on the keychain into neckalace! Good job momma! Well Done!

Warm Blessings,

PS I'm having a small surprize giveaway over at my blog if you care to join in?!