Sunday, December 6, 2009

Our Newest Heavenbound Family Member...

Friday was an exciting day for our family. Son #5 prayed a prayer for salvation with me in our laundry room. I had told the little boys to clean their room (that's up there with having your fingernails ripped off around our house!!) and they were giving me a hard time over it--not outwardly but like stopping to play with something and then saying "Oh, I forgot" when I'd find them NOT doing what they were supposed to do. Anyway, after a bit Son #5 came in while I was folding clothes and told me that there was a voice in his head telling him not to do his work and that he didn't care if he got in trouble. I asked him if he knew who that voice was--Satan trying to keep him from not obeying his mom. We talked about Adam and Eve and how wily Satan is. I told him about sin and how God made a way for us to have help to do what we're supposed to do and that Jesus died for our sins and if we believe this and pray for our sins to be forgiven the Holy Spirit should come live in hearts so that we can live a life where we win over the voice in our head telling us to sin. Yeah, it sounds a little jumbled up but He was happy to hear this good news (which he has heard before and wasn't really interested) and let me help him pray.

My laundry room is more than a room where clothes are cleaned. It is my prayer closet and sanctuary. It is a place where I can go and as I fold clothes, pray for my family and of things that are on my heart. I am so thankful to be at home with my kiddos when things like this pop up!! Thank you Lord!!

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Teena said...

How awesome! So happy and rejoicing w/ you. That's what it is all about huh?

I love that you said your laundry room was your prayer closet! A couple months ago (when Mandi was gone) Amber & I made Mandi's closet into a prayer closet for me.... She draped fabric to hide was awesome to me...peaceful,secluded...I didn't go there as often as I wanted but just peace knowing it was there.

I know we can pray anywhere and for years it has been on my bathroom floor!

So now that Mandi is has come down. The other day I felt the spirit saying "the loft in the barn" so after the Christmas presents are out of there I will make my prayer closet there... I am excited.

This season of my life...I find this a great peaceful thing... God's grace is sufficient.

Love ya,