Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Getting Ready for Christmas

Well, it's that time of year again. YIPPEE!!! Our family just loves all the hustle and bustle, decorating, suspense and joy of the Christmas season. So much to plan and do!!

On Thanksgiving day we drew names for Christmas gifts.

Our tree is up and decorated--DH did such an awesome job of picking the tree out!! The children begged me unmercifully to wrap some of the presents that I've been storing up, so now we have gifts under the tree. Oh, how I love bringing out the decorations that go around the house. Many of them have been given to us and have their own unique little history. I love to add to our collection each year if I can.

Our decorated piano.

Son #6 trying on the tree skirt--a tradition for both the boys and the girls. :-)

I thought I'd do a little decorating on my blog as well. My childish love of the season got the best of me when I picked out songs for my playlist though!! ~~Giggle~~

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Teena said...

Love the pics! Thanks for sharing!

We did our tree this weekend it was fun. The Lord is once again picking me up...I am thankful for His grace!

Love ya