Wednesday, November 4, 2009

And Some More Pictures...

I told you that I had taken a "few" pictures!! :-)

My kefir culturing in my china cabinet. It looks so pretty in there--and fits in perfectly.

I've been using my crock pot a lot lately. It's so helpful to not have to worry about what's for supper in the afternoon. This is beef roast and vegetables. So yummy!! I do think that it might be time to buy a bigger one though. I always pack it a bit too full! Also, the jars to the left are chopped peppers that I dehydrated. The taller quart jar is sweet peppers and the smaller pint jar is hot peppers. I'm working on clearing out the garden and these are what was left on the pepper plants. Ya know, every time I cut hot peppers I promise myself that next time I'm going to wear gloves but I never do. This batch was super hot and I washed my hands and arms for hours after cutting them--and even used some Solarcaine spay to help ease the burn. I'm telling you, they were HOT!!

These are beautiful Moonshadow Hyacinth Asian Beans that my Uncle shared with me when we were visiting after my grandma's funeral. These are heirloom beans. He called them Jefferson Beans. Historically they were grown in Thomas Jefferson's garden at Monticello. Sharing these bits of history are a passion of mine!!

This is my tub of beautiful pinapple mint. It dries up very fine and tastes tangy. I bought a sprig at the Baker Creek Planting Festival (in Mansfield, MO) last May--and boy, did it flourish!!

Aren't these mushrooms gorgeous??? This is a shagbark Hickory stump. I was surprised to see them there. Don't know if they're edible or not.
Also, if you feel led, please pray from my wonderful Father-in-law. He is in the hospital planning to have a double or triple bypass heart surgery in the next couple of days. Thanks in advance. It means a lot to us.

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