Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The View From My Front Yard

I caught my oldest two daughters getting some exercise today in the beautiful fall weather that we've been having. (Our driveway is a big loop that we enjoy walking) Finally!! Some of that warmer weather that I have so been missing.

While the rain we've been having has been pretty miserable, it has made the foliage absolutely gorgeous. Never, in all of my time of living in the oak dominated (think dull brown blah color) Ozarks, have the trees been so beautiful.

I'm hoping to catch the Orionid meteor shower in the wee hours tomorrow morning. Last night I was lamenting about how much I miss Orion. Wouldn't you know it, one of the girls was sick early this morning before dawn and I stepped outside and there he was. :-) Oh, how I love to look at our beautiful starry sky in the early morning hours. So crisp and clear--I can almost touch them. One of the many benefits of living in the country!!

Tomorrow it will be warm again and I plan to take some of the children to the Nature Center in Jefferson City. The Lord willing, I will post pictures of our excursion.

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