Tuesday, March 10, 2009

An Update

Just thought I would pop in and give ya'll an update...
My computer has a nasty virus on it so I'm using DH's to do anything online. I'm working at getting all of my important information off of my computer and onto Son #1's so that I can wipe the hard drive and put everything back on again. Our wonderful computer expert friend guesses that I must have went to a site that downloaded the virus. When he researched it he discovered the virus allows hackers to hack into your system and download all of your sensitive information. He didn't think that anybody really could have hacked into my computer since I use a router and two firewall programs running at all times. I was prepared!! But I was left with a virus that won't allow me to use the Internet or repair it. Sigh. It's so hard for me to find the time to spend on doing all the tedious transferring. Needless to say, It's very slow going. :-(
Now for the good stuff...
If you've been following my occasional updates about Son #2 or have been to his blog you might know that he's been hoping for a part on ABC's series Lost. Well, they finally contacted him and yesterday was his first day of filming. He's supposed to go back all of next week for more filming. He is a carpenter. He said that it's a lot like a real jobsite--camaraderie between the workers and people getting yelled at and cussed out. Anyway, he felt at ease and had a great time and even got to see some of the "stars". :-) There will be no living with him now!! Giggle!
So that's it for now. My time online is pretty limited but I hope to be able to write more about what's going on around our place soon!! Blessings to you all!!

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Anonymous said...

Stopping by to see you. I have stopped by before but it will not let me post.

Hope all is well with you.... how is the weather there we have some spring weather now but the pollen is real bad. We are all well though.

I need to be scrapbooking or quilting or even doing laundry but I can not get motivated! LOL