Thursday, January 29, 2009

I wanted to give an update on Son #2 since I've had some inquiries to how he's been doing...

Living in Hawaii isn't always life in "paradise". There is still those little matters of "earning your keep" and trying to "fit in". Same stuff, different location. :-)

He has a job now. Yippee!! He's working in a little convenience store whose sales are mostly liquor and cigarettes. A strange job for someone who doesn't smoke or drink. :-) It's only temporary--until the store owner comes home from visiting his sick mother in Korea. He enjoys it but worries a bit about getting robbed since the store has been robbed a few times and just last week the store nearby was robbed by a guy with a shotgun. I do pray for his safety more often. :-)

He's also taking his GED classes. He scored low in math in the preliminary test and needs some brush up. I had wanted him to try for his GED here but he was always too busy and never needed to get it done. In Hawaii they really emphasize education and it's hard to get a job even at McDonalds without a formal diploma.

On his days off he volunteers at the preschool where my DH's sister works and, when there is a spare moment to do so, he and his uncle are out in the boat fishing.

I can sense him putting down roots. I'm happy for him and sad for us. A few of the children still cry because they miss him. I suppose there are down sides to having a close family, huh?

Oh, don't miss the video that I put near the bottom of my sidebar that Sons #2 & #3 made with their cousins on our farm. I love it--but I'm biased. :-)


Georgiann said...

Hi Kris,
Its sound like one adventure after the other! I,m glad it all worked out for you! How scarey?
I will pray for your son...finding a job with the economey the way
it is can be a challenge!

Peace and Prayers,

Update on my ill family....last night all 8 of us were very sick! Chills,body aches and today we are laying low!

GrammyK said...

Haven't checked your blog yet but praying that you are feeling much better!! What a bummer to be sick--but a good "cleanse" can be a good thing!! :-(