Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Holidays

I had hoped to be able to sit down for a few minutes and post something really awesome (are you snickering?)--but it seems that time just keeps slipping away from me. And what with Christmas approaching in... Yikes!! 3 days!! I just have so much left to do yet. So it appears that it would be best if I relieve my mind of another job on my "to-do" list and wait until after the holidays to do any writing. Ah, I think I feel a little better already. ;-) The ten foot list is a quarter of an inch shorter now!! Giggle. Anyway...

Merry Christmas to all!!!


Trish said...

Merry Christmas dear friend!

I JUST found your comment on the old homeschool blog. I set the marriage blog to private for a season and my focus is on baby Seth's blog. (Can't remember if I've told you all the challenges with that precious boy...)

Anyways, I love your new blog and can't wait to catch up more soon!

Love you!

Georgiann said...

Just wanted to stop in to say Hi!
I too have been very busy and my post have just been slide shows. I hope to have time to sit down after the first of the year. Hubby and the Kiddos are ALL home for 2 weeks!


Dawn said...

Merry Christmas. I hope you all had a great week. I enjoyed catching up.