Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Post Christmas Hello!

Yes, I am still alive. 

And we made it through Christmas. 

I hope all of my dear friends and family who read here had a wonderful Christmas!! 

We certainly did.  With our financial circumstances over the past few years, we haven't really been able to buy many gifts but last fall we sold our remaining piece of property to the neighbor who bought our former home (read about it here) and we decided to allow a little frivolity this year by having a bit of Christmas.  It was a welcome break and we did over-do a little but I'm sure we'll recover.  Daughter #2 had worked all summer at a resort as a housekeeper and she went all out on everyone since she doesn't really have financial responsibilities yet.  It was a real blessing to the younger ones since she bought them a new XBox--our old one kicked the bucket several years ago.  Son #4 kept saying, "I can't believe that you bought all of these awesome presents!".  It's been a long time since we've really indulged in much of anything and it felt heavenly. 

For our extended family I made most of the gifts.  Hopefully I can post a few pictures in the next day or two showing some of the things we made and gave away.  I always enjoy crafting and love to make practical things that I know will be enjoyed.  This year I made my customary soap and it all turned out wonderful.  I also made the ladies fingerless gloves (aka texting gloves) and I'm still working on the ones for my nephews and sons (I just ran out of time!).  The pot holders that I had made in the spring and summer were a bit hit.  As was the wild violet jelly I made in the spring. 

Previously when our business was going strong I made lots of cookies to give to the superintendants on the jobsites where DH and our sons worked.  Then when the business bit the dust I decided to start making cookies for the family.  Now I'm hooked and look forward to my cookie making sessions each year before Christmas.  So naturally the extended family got cookies this year too.

It would be almost an understatement to say that I was really BUSY from Thanksgiving until Christmas!!!

Yesterday was Son #4's birthday and there were more gifts.  I think he's in shock now since he got a few more nice gifts.  :-)

Today I have to drive Son #3 back to his place and Daughters #1 & 3 back to my sisters (or at least to Son #3's place so he can do me a favor by driving them back to my sisters.) and that will pretty much conclude the holiday celebrations. 

I've been mentally working on my New Year's Resolutions and hope to put those down on paper soon.  I'll share them soon.


Teena said...

so happy for you! I think it is fine to over do... (which as well as I know you your over do and my over do is not really over doing) did I confuse you? hahaha

so happy for the gifts and JOY of your Christmas. So who stays with you and hubby? All the time two of mine are gone. Plus Dakota is gone a lot of the time.. which leaves me with Lysa, Wyatt & Wesley. We are getting smaller. Dakota will go to the University in the fall. He will finish two yrs locally. I will miss him. Life continues to change ... not much we can do about that!

Happy New Year!
Much love,

Michelle G said...

Hey lady! I sent you an email ;) lots of I sent an attached letter too.


Michelle G said...

Hadn't heard back from you. Re-sent with letter IN the email. (publisher is such a pain! never wants to open on other computers!)
hope all is well with you.
How's the weather? we're still hot. wish we could have even a bit of a cold snap. Just to say we did. :)