Saturday, November 10, 2012

More Pecan Miscellany

I took my boys plus my youngest nephew to the Conservation Area again today.  We had actually went back to pick persimmons but that was on the tail end of the journey.  While they played on the rocks and shuffled around in the leaves I picked more pecans.  I hadn't intended on doing it but I looked around and noticed how nicely the ones laying there on the ground looked--like the ones I picked last year.  Bigger, browner and with prettier markings.  We had recently had some heavy rains and winds so it appears that the nuts that were left on the tree were knocked down.  And there were lots of them.  I managed to pick, on my own, a little over half as much as last time (with the 4 of us picking) in about half of the time.  Not bad.  (No pictures today because my camera is missing.  I'm sure it will turn up soon.)

Our little local grocery store sells cracked pecans from King Hill Farms located in Brunswick, MO. 

A few years ago we visited their farm and little store while DH and I were on a drive.  Great place!!  They sold the largest hickory nuts I had ever seen.  :-)

Anyway...  I decided to buy a bag of the cracked pecans from our little local grocery store because I was curious to know how large their pecans turned out this year compared to the ones at the conservation area.  And here's what I discovered...

King Hill Pecans on the left.
My foraged pecans on the right.
Theirs are bigger and more nicely colored.
Probably a different variety of tree.
Still yet.
They seem quite small. 

No matter.  They will be greatly enjoyed.

Also wanted to mention...  I've decided to use word code verification when posting comments here for awhile.  I know it's a pain but someone is spamming me and I'm getting a bunch of comments for a bunch of junk.  Thankfully it's just going to my spam folder but I'm getting tired of it.  Sigh.

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Chatty Crone said...

Did you try to take off anonymous comments? These are so hard to read. I love pecans my favorite nuts.