Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day Trippin'

I had the opportunity to drive to Hannibal today.  The Social Security office notified us that they needed more paperwork for DH's disability application.  We could have just mailed it in but it was a beautiful fall day and I was hankering for a nice drive--so I twisted DH's arm to let me drive the documents up there.  He wasn't feeling good enough to go along, but no matter.  I wanted to take my camera and take some pictures (he's just not really into that kind of thing) of what I knew was going to be some gorgeous scenery!!  I didn't take any pictures of Hannibal but at some scenic overlooks and then I stopped in Clarksville at the little riverwalk beside the Lock and Dam.  It was a cloudy day today but the colors of the leaves were still just beautiful...

Click on the pictures to see larger view.

A field of pumpkins.
Seems kinda late in the season.
Why are they still in the field??

Scenic Overlook looking North.
The Mighty Mississippi.

Beautiful fall colors at the overlook

Colors so bright it almost hurt my eyes.

Scenic Overlook looking South.
Mississippi River in the distance.

The parking area at the scenic overlook was gorgeous!!

Fallen Tree.

Clarksville Riverwalk entrance.

Take the last train to Clarksville.

I had stopped here on my way back from Hannibal.
On my way there, as I passed the Lock and Dam I spotted a Bald Eagle.
My first one of the season.
I plan for me and the children to visit one of the Eagle Days
exhibits at either the Clarksville or Winfield Lock and Dam
this winter.

Lock and Dam 24
Clarksville, Missouri
DH's father worked at this Lock and Dam many years ago
and was also Lockmaster at the Winfield Lock and Dam for a few
years until 1993 after the big flood when he retired.

Along the shore of the Mississippi River looking South

A Barge coming.
A bit misty in the distance.

A Barge going.
Even mistier since it was drizzling rain.

It was a really windy today.
This appears to be water spraying against the rocks.

A wonderful day for sure!!  Wish I had had a bit more time.  I would have liked to have visited some of the local shops and some of the antique stores I passed along the way.  Maybe next time? 


Chatty Crone said...

I enjoyed going on the trip with you today! You live in a very beautiful area.

Kerrie Laws said...

Ah! Love it! It brings back so many memories. I have been that way in about 17 years. Eagle Days, wow haven't been to that since Paula ran that Clarksville quick shop. Sigh! I miss that area. Someday I'll visit it again.
Well I start my vacation at 12:30 today. Yay!!!!! I so need it. I will talk to you soon on a date for Jeff City.
Love yas!