Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bringing Down the Silos

For over a year now I've been blessed with a wonderful Americana farmland scene next door.  It's been a focal point of many of my favorite pictures...  The farm belonging to the neighbors across the highway.

Because it is East of our place, it makes for some
extraordinary sunrise pictures.

Another sunrise

My favorite sunrise picture.
DH actually took this one!!  :-)

In the storms.

Beautiful contrast with the clouds.

The view from my garden area.

Beautiful pre-dawn conjunction.
A little grainy but still very beautiful!
(If I had my picture editing program on this computer
I would edit those wires off!)

You can imagine how freaked out I was when DH came in one morning last week and told me that he hoped I had taken all the pictures of the neighbors silos that I wanted--because they were taking them down.  Yikes.  I went out and took as many pictures as I could of the whole process.  I wasn't able to be home the whole day but here's what I did get...

DH said that he had noticed the dome tops had been taken off the
day before but had forgotten to tell me.

Those men (probably Amish men) just tossed those concrete slabs
off like they were nothing!

A close up of them loosening the slabs.

Men on the ground waiting to pick up the fallen slabs and load
them onto the tractor-trailer bed.

I had to leave--and when I got home the first silo was down and
they were working on the second one.

Down it goes.

They worked very fast.

We weren't sure if they would be able to get both of them down by the days
end but...

In the pink light of sunset, they were wrapping it all up.

DH had walked over to talk to the men and learn more about what was going on.  Turns out that this group of men (we don't know for sure whether they were Amish or Mennonite--but we're leaning toward Amish) were dismantling the silos and taking them to one of their farms for their own use.  It was comforting to know that the silos, which are 50+ years old, were going to a nice home and that they weren't just being torn down and thrown away. 

My new view.  Not so scenic but not horrible either.
It's just gonna take some time getting used to.

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