Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Random Insights

At a family gathering in late June I had an interesting conversation with a couple of teens (a boy and a girl) I had never met before (that were somehow connected to my StepDad--I have such a bad memory when it comes to meeting new people!).  Nice kids actually. 

We talked a lot about stuff that is probably on many youngster's minds these days--and not just youngster's but on oldster's (like me) too...  The "end of the world". 

No one can hardly deny that things are just a little off.  So much bad stuff going on.  Drought.  Flooding.  Weird, unheard of weather.  Financial turmoil.  "Zombie" attacks.  Riots.  War.  Massacres.  Parents murdering their children and then killing themselves.  It's like the whole world has gone wonko!  What a scary time this must be for a teen.  Such confusion and uncertainty.  What a mess they are going to inherit should the Lord continue to tarry.

We discussed many of these issues and, coming from a non-Christian environment, I could see a lot of blunt hopelessness in their words.  We talked about some "what if" scenarios such as having only a day or two to live.  They said that they might kill someone just to see what it was like (yeah, that doesn't sound very nice but I kinda doubt that would actually come to pass.  It was more like they were just thinking out loud.  I'm a hopeless optimistic if you must know.).  In fact they mentioned killing someone more than once--perhaps an effect of TV and video games on our youth (duh, right?).  At one point the boy said that he didn't know what they were going to do if the world didn't end on Dec. 21st.  (Hollywood.  Gotta love it.)  It was almost like it would be a relief if the world DID end.  An insight into the minds of typical teenagers, if nothing else.  Perhaps if these feelings are typical it may be some of what is causing the world's wonko-ness (what a word!) we've been seeing lately.  Fear and chaos breeds more fear and chaos.

I didn't get to share any of my faith that day.

On occasion people have asked me how I could believe in God when so many bad things have happened to me--and are going on in the world.  I just reply that because life is so hard I can't imagine going through life on my own, without God.

Come what may, in every circumstance, He is with me.  That is my comfort.

Moonrise at sunset
This year August has two full moons.
The second full moon at the end of the month
is a "Blue Moon".  :-)



Chatty Crone said...

He is my rock and my salvation! sandie

Michelle G said...

I can't imagine being a teenager and surviving nowadays....but heck..nowadays I can't imagine being a parent and surviving. :( When it rains it pours! Just checking in with ya. Miss reading the blog! I'll find time soon!