Saturday, June 2, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up 5/27-6/2

Our weekly comings and goings...

While out in one of the garden areas we discovered one of my in-laws cats had some sort of critter.  I thought it was a mole and since they've been wreaking havoc in the gardens I chose to turn away and let nature eliminate a pest.  Then the critter broke free started hopping around.  Not a mole.  A bunny!!  A baby bunny.  So we shooed the kitty off and picked up the terrified bunny.  (Sorry about the fuzzy pictures but I didn't want to use the flash and scare the bunny.  As if being nearly killed by a cat and held by humans wasn't scary enough!!)
Daughter #4 holding the bunny.

Son #6 isn't so sure about this.

Son #4 holding the bunny.

Wonderfully camouflaged.
Goodbye little bunny!
Grow and be happy!

The evil predator kitty!

A relative perhaps.
A nuch bigger bunny with a robin friend nearby.

A Red Eared Slider like our Squirtle--only bigger.
This turtle was about 6 or 7 inches long so not completely full grown yet.
There is a pond about 1/4 of a mile from our place.
We've seen this guy around a couple of times.

I'm watching you!!

Cabbage White Butterfly
The butterfly who lays the eggs that become cabbage worms.
This butterfly fluttered around my brassicas all day.
I will have to stay vigilant to keep my veggies from total infestation!!

Fledgling robin we found hopping around on the back of our property.
We could hear mommy or daddy close by.

This is our front garden with the tomatoes staked and caged.
The peppers are in front and still quite small.
I've been looking around and it seems like these plants
look pretty much the same size as everyone else's.
Which isn't too bad really. 

But check out our tomato plants in our side garden!!
They are huge!!
They were planted two weeks earlier than the ones
in the front garden.
The cages here are the same size as the ones in the front garden.

Here's Daughter #4 standing next to our tallest tomato plant.
The cages are 6 ft. tall.
Daughter #4 is 5'5" tall.
Do you see how big my cucumber plants are
along the bottom sides of the cages?
They are already loaded with blooms.  :-)
The sunflowers that I planted in front of the cages
are sprouting and will hopefully grow big and tall.

This week promises to be busy and exciting with family coming in from out of state, the Partial Lunar Eclipse on June 4th (which will be tricky but maybe we'll get to see it) and the transit of Venus across the sun on June 5th. Looks like we'll be able to use those Eclipse glasses after all!!

Hoping everyone has a wonderful and blessed new week!!!


Kerrie Laws said...

Now I'm all depressed-lol-i was bragging about my (now little) tomatoes I have growing out of a topsy turvy tomato hanging thing and then you go and show your plants up against one of your tallest daughters. Sigh-lol! Very impressive! You got Mom's green thumb :-)
Love yas!

GrammyK said...

Those are technically Steve's tomatoes and his pet project. Every day he goes out and lifts up all the vines to reach higher up and keep them looking neat. He waters when he thinks they look too dry. He talks to them and just babies them in general. *MY* green thumb reflects the smaller tomatoes!! Ha Ha!! I have to work hard for my success while he is just a natural. He still needs me for my knowledge though!! ;-) He is certainly enjoying the extra time to garden this year though.

Chatty Crone said...

Well you have a wonderful group of children - all those wonderful wonderful critters - and then your huge garden - things are sure happening around you there. sandie

PS what is attachment crunchy parenting?

Kerrie Laws said...

Therapy by plants! It's a beautiful thing. Brings us back to the simple things-peace in God's garden:-)
Love yas!