Saturday, May 19, 2012

Our Newest Addition...

We have a new pet.
As if 5 dogs, a cat, 2 parakeets and 12 chickens weren't enough. :-)

So, here is our latest addition...

A very young Red Eared Slider turtle.
We've named him Squirtle.
I made the name up myself--a cross between "Squirt" from Finding Nemo and "turtle".
Then the kids informed me that there is a character on Pokemon named Squirtle.
That's where they thought I got the name from.
Well, I don't watch Pokemon!! ;-)
Honestly I think I like "Fred" better--which was my first name for him.
I try to name everything Fred.
Don't know why.
I guess I just like the name Fred?
Isn't he so cute??

This is his home while he's small.
(I'm just saying "he" for convenience--I really don't know how to tell the difference!)
He's semi-aquatic and should have access to water to swim in.
He loves the water!!
As he grows we'll have to upgrade his living quarters.

This is his home security system.
Should keep most critters out.

I'm having trouble getting him to eat.  :-(
We've tried a worm (I even cut it up for him!  Blah!!).
I've tried lettuce and apples.
Tomorrow I'll go buy some fish and some turtle chow.
He's very lively and alert so I don't think he's starving.

Daughter #4 found him by our back mobile home while walking around outside yesterday morning. I've read that they tend to hang out near water--rivers and ponds. We haven't got anything like that nearby. And although they can walk long distances, I just can't see this little guy coming from the "nearest" pond or river!! So I'm wondering if some bird didn't drop him off in our yard! Go figure.

This breed of turtle, if kept as a pet, can't be returned to "the wild".  So if we keep him he will have to be looked after (they can live up to 40 years!!).  I'm envisioning a fenced in, naturalized area of our yard with a small "pond" (aka sunken kiddie pool with a heater in the winter) with aquatic plants and a nice sunny rock or log to sunbathe on.  There should be wildflowers all around.  Nothing poisonous, of course since they are herbivores as they get older (carnivores while young--weird, huh?). 

Son #6 asked me, "Who do you think will die first?  You?  Or Squirtle?"  Gee, I guess if he lives 40 years I'll only be a young, playful 86.  Definitely the turtle!  ;-)

I've never "owned" a turtle before although when I was about 4 or 5 I got my pinky stuck in a turtle shell when he closed himself up while I was holding him.  My mom and grandma had to get a screwdriver and pry his shell apart a wee bit to get my finger loose!!  Not fun--for any of us, I'm sure!  Seems I was a little leery of turtles after that!!

In other important areas of life...

We got the tomato cages up in the front garden area and the tomatoes are starting to really take off.

See all the help I get in the garden?  Well, I do enjoy the company anyway.  :-)
Son #5 hanging out with him mom in the garden.

Yes, I'm afraid that vampires are real!!  This guy was huge!!  I think he might have previously worked for Red Cross!!!  Yikes!!
My arm--as the main course!

We're hoping to catch the Annular Eclipse tomorrow!!  There's clouds and rain in the forecast.  Naturally.  Yes, story of my life.  But hopefully we'll be able to catch it.  We have Eclipse Glasses (kinda like the disposable 3D glasses only really dark "lenses") that I bought years ago.  (It's weird to look through them and see how small the sun really is.)  We're in an area that won't see the "total" eclipse but just a partial one.  It would be wonderful to be at the Grand Canyon for this but alas, it's just not going to happen.  :-)

If you get a chance to check the eclipse out, do so safely!!!  There's lots of info on the Internet about watching safely. 

Have a blessed Sunday!!

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Chatty Crone said...

First of all OUCH! That looked like it hurt.
Now that little turtle - we had two and they lasted for awhile, but they died - it was sooooooooooo sad.
I hated it! lol