Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Uno

Last week marked Uno's first birthday.  He is the first puppy that we've ever raised from birth.  What fun it's been!!  So I thought I'd post some pictures chronicling his first year...

Just hours after birth.
He was the only puppy and he was huge!
I had to help her get him out.

Napping with Daughter #2 while his momma was receiving
a much needed break.  Olivia was a very
devoted momma!!

Learning to eat solid food.

Playing with the little boys stuffed Luigi (Super Mario Bros.).
He was up and about in no time.
Since he was the only puppy we had to work hard
to give him lots to do.  With no sisters or brothers
to play with, we wanted to make sure that he wasn't too
hard on his momma!

Puppies do a lot of sleeping!!
And they do love to snuggle!!
So do the children!!


Daughter #4 was his "real" mommy.
Olivia nursed him but Daughter #4 took care of him full time.

Playing with me.  He's still pretty tiny in this picture--but very feisty!

If he wasn't sleeping or eating he was playing!!

Still good friends with Luigi.
We have to keep Luigi put up because he's still Uno's
favorite toy!  Amazingly he remains in decent shape for
the abuse he's taken.

Trying to figure out the sit and spin.

"But I'm not sleepy!!!"

Getting pretty big!!  Isn't he so cute?

Chewing on me again!!

Playtime with his momma outside.
He gets pretty rough.

Such a big boy now!! 

His most recent picture taken just after Christmas.
This is what all wiener dogs do in the winter if they can...
spend as much time in front of the space heater as possible!!

Happy Birthday

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Chatty Crone said...

Those were the very cutest pictures I've ever seen. Adorable. sandie