Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Final Sunrise Observation, An Egg and A Brave Nuthatch

Thought I'd give a final update on my sunrise observations...

Taken September 1st at a little after 7am. Sun is behind the silos.

Taken October 1st at a little after 7:15am. The sun is quite a bit farther to the South and not nearly as high.

Taken November 1st at a little after 7am. Sun still hasn't risen.
I think that it's been really interesting to observe these changes. I've noticed this through the years but never paid this close of attention. 

And remember way back in the begining of September when I said that we would be expecting eggs by the end of that month? Well, as usual, it took quite a bit longer than I had anticipated. I don't know who comes up with the "start laying eggs at 21 weeks" rule!! It's never happened for us!! But finally, yesterday I found this little egg in their laying box!! Hooray!!
I found another one this morning!! Woo Hoo!! I LOVE farm fresh eggs from chickens that I can put a face to. :-)

While walking down our driveway today I saw this cute little White Breasted Nuthatch on one of the Sycamore trees. He just hopped around on the tree when I came closer. Normally birds will fly away. Not this little guy though. I ran in and grabbed the camera and got a couple of shots before he decided to skedaddle. They are always one of my favorite birds around the winter birdfeeder. It's always funny to see them climbing around upside down.

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Carol............. said...

Congrads on your egg!!!!!

My girls are really slowing down in the egg production...I shall need to have a chat with them! (or bring out the stew pot for them to see?) LOL