Thursday, October 20, 2011

Girls Day Out

On Monday I took the oldest two daughters out for a bit of shopping.  Daughter #2 is home for a few days and wanted a girls day out--and I needed to do some grocery shopping.  So off we went.

We took a detour to a little conservation site down on the river.  When we pulled into the parking area there was a man I guessed to be gathering nuts who gave us a perturbed glance as we parked.  Perhaps he thought we were encroaching upon his harvesting turf.  We let him be though I was very curious to know what he was gathering!

After a little walk and some pictures we moseyed on back to our truck and I noticed that the guy had moved on so I felt free to check things out. They were pecans. Not very big ones but they looked pretty nice. When we left and were driving out I noticed a tree loaded with persimons close to the highway on the side of the road. We should have a pretty good frost tonight (good for the persimons) and we had some strong winds these past couple of days (good for bringing down the pecans) so we will probably find ourselves back out that way tomorrow morning.  I can't wait!!

Wildflowers in a woodland scene.  Some of the trees were the pecan trees.

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Chatty Crone said...

I guess you know they are safe for eating! sandie