Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Photo Update

When we first moved here to DH's parent's place there was a neighbor living in the other mobile home behind the one that we were planning to move into: a single middle aged guy with health issues.

Shortly after we started moving things in Mr. Neighbor decided that he was going to stay with his brother in Wisconsin for a month to see if any of his health issues improved. We watered his plants and vegetables while he was gone. Since he had hinted that he might move to Wisconsin permanently before he left it was no surprise when he came back at the end of the month and started packing. He said that his health hadn't really improved but he had decided that he wanted to live near his brother. After he was gone it was decided that we would take dominion over the other trailer too and use them both to live in (one for our daughters and one for Mom, Dad and Sons #4, 5 and 6). Thankfully this trailer is in better shape but still needs a lot of work before winter sets in.  It will be our daughter's home. What a beauty, huh? 
This is the official "Before" picture

DH is the "insulation factor" king and hates to pay high heating and cooling bills. So it was no surprise that the insulation behind the paneling was not acceptable to him. And can you see why?
The insulation was only about 1/2 inch thick!!!

The wall studs aren't even 2 inches thick. We've decided that this trailer was originally destined for Hawaii since they really don't bother with issues of heating and cooling.
We are planning to add on to the studs and put in new insulation. We will also do the same for the ceiling. I'll be posting progress on all that.

The first time we met our former neighbor he let us know that the huge tire in the yard was off limits. He had flower bulbs planted there, he explained. Elephant ears and Cannas. When he moved he let me have them. :-)

Remember back in early May when we got these little cuties?

Now here they are all grown up in the "Chicken Tractor". They should star laying later this month. Yay!!

Not too long ago I had seen on Sitemeter that someone had came to my blog from Google seaching the words "where to buy garlic now that Travis Weedman is gone". Gone? So I googled "Travis Weedman" and discovered that he had passed away this last spring. Not only did that make me really sad but brought fear to my heart! See, I was planning on just leaving the sadly (VERY sadly) neglected garlic behind at the old place in what was once my garden. I was planning to just buy new garlic from Travis and start all over. With this new information my new passion/obsession was to "Save Travis' Garlic!" So out I went into the heat with my head spinning from a bout of vertigo (it comes and goes--mostly "comes" here lately) to dig up all the garlic I could find. Not an easy task since everything was seriously overgrown and it was way past time to have harvested. Thankfully, I got everything I could and was even able to keep it separate.  Now if I can just find my diagram of where everything was planted so I know what's what!!
This is the garlic to mince and dehydrate.
I saved the best of it all to replant later this fall.
Maybe someday I will have enough to sell some of
"Travis Weedman's Garlic"
for those who are really missing him.


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It's fun and satisfying to see things after they are fixed up and AFTER our labor. I think you'll do wonderful things with the project.

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I love the little chicken coop!

You have been in my prayers!

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