Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Two "Startling" Discoveries

In less than one week I've made two discoveries that have just rocked my world.  OK so maybe that's a bit over the top but they were pretty amazing--to me anyway. 

I am very auditory.  In order to learn new things and retain the knowledge I have to say things out loud.  Sometimes when DH is working on a vehicle he will take me along for a test drive so that I can listen and note "strange" noises.  And he always takes me along to test drive a new car/truck.  Also I can recognize voices way better than I can remember faces.  :-)  So that leads to my discoveries...

1)  As I was sitting on the couch watching a Scooby Doo episode with Son #6 (which was one of his birthday gifts) I happened to look up during the credits and saw the name Casey Kasem.  Stunned, I closed my eyes and immediately visualized Shaggy.  For many, many years I've listened to Shaggy and thought "I know that voice" but being that searching down that info wasn't something very high on my list of priorities, I just never really gave it a second thought once the show was over.  Well, I grew up listening to America's Top 40 and enjoyed listening to Casey Kasem and knew his voice.  And now I know he's Shaggy too.
Jinkies!!  Mystery solved!! 

2)  Son #2 turned us on to a Grits song that we really love.  Normally I don't really care for Grits but this song "Fly Away" is Grits shining glory (in my humble opinion).  Well, there was this other voice that wasn't rap-ish and didn't quite seem to belong yet fit perfectly.  It seemed so familiar and yet I couldn't place it.  Then I happened to look the song up on YouTube and saw "Fly Away by Grits featuring Mack Powell".  Whoa!!  Mack Powell of Third Day!!  I love Third Day!!  So then it was so obvious I couldn't see how I could've missed it!!
When I told Son #3 of my discovery he said that he really didn't expect that--Mack Powell to be singing with a rap band.  I told him yeah, but you wouldn't expect a 45 year old, homeschooling mom of 10 to be listening to it either!!  :-)

If I was stranded on a deserted island and could have one song with me "Fly Away" would be the one!!

I won't post the song here since it's blatantly rap but you can find it on YouTube if you're terribly interested (make sure it's "featuring Mack Powell").

And now you're privy to some of my most innermost thought processes!!  Scary huh?  Ha Ha!!

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