Thursday, February 17, 2011

Feeling Better

I survived!!! In fact the whole family is on the mend now except for Son #3 who is just in his first few days of it. He doesn't live here at home with us anymore though he is here most days (he works for our small business). Whether he caught it from us or somewhere else, I don't know. I just know that it seems like everyone has it. Crazy!! I'm happy to be on the upside again and hoping to be back to my old self soon. :-)

After this long week and a half break in school I will be glad to be getting back into our regular routine (or whatever passes for "regular" around here!).  At first the children were too sick to do anything and then I was.  That's one of the things I love about homeschooling.  I can tailor our activities to our needs.  Since we school year round we don't really have scheduled breaks and just take off as needed.  Our family doesn't do a strict schedule very well.  Going with the flow works best for us.  :-)

Uno is growing like a weed and is finding his way around the house surprisingly well. I'd swear that we have more pictures of this puppy than I do of each of my babies!! It's been so much fun to "help" Olivia raise this puppy. She's working on weaning him now--and I don't blame her a bit since his little teeth are very sharp!  I'm still not too keen on breeding her again and having to deal with a whole litter next time!!

That classic weiner dog/seal look!!  Don't you think seals look like weiner dogs with no ears?  :-)

Snoozing with Daughter #4 who happens to be his "real" mother.

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Teena said...

we all had it here too.... then the awful coughs...

LOVE that little puppy! I do think he looks like a seal!