Saturday, January 29, 2011

Puppy Update

We've been watching with amazement as Olivia's puppy has grown and developed.  We've named him Uno.  :-)  He is just adorible.  He is 2.5 weeks in this picture and still looks very tiny.  Which he is. 

But when you see him next to his momma...

What a big honkin puppy!!  :-)  Perhaps it's because he doesn't have to share any of his momma's milk.  Or that she's such a good and attentive momma.  Or maybe it's because he's so loved by everybody and forever being petted and tended to.  :-) 

One of my reasons for not wanting to breed Olivia was that she has "imperfections" such as a brown nose and green eyes.  Not desirable traits for passing along to future generations.  But since she has such a terrific personality and is loved by everyone she meets it would be a blessing to pass on her personality.  Would you believe me when I tell you that since the puppy's birth her nose has darkened so much so that you could almost call it black and that her eyes are still light but they are nearly brown.  Go figure!!

Can you see the difference?  Obviously the lighting is different but she really has changed a lot.  :-)


grammy said...

That puppy is so cute and so big...healthy I guess (o:
You must not have been reading my blog back in OCT.
We were on vacation in NY and I did the same thing. Why was I so stupid and not using the 'thingi'. It bleed so much and took forever to heal...and the nerve is still tender. OUCH

Carol............. said...

What a little "chunker!" and so adorable....

Strange about Olivia's changes and wonder how common this is. She's such a cutie.

Have a super great week!