Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Birth Announcement!!

Our Dachshund Olivia was indeed pregnant!!  Early Monday morning (middle of the night really) she became really restless and couldn't get comfortable.  By late morning she was just running from place to place looking for the perfect nest and mid afternoon she was shaking and throwing up.  I was hoping she would deliver before our vet closed in case something was wrong.  So at just minutes before 5 she decided the time was right and started to push.  The puppy was breach and came halfway out.  We waited forever and finally I decided to assist her a little and I gently pulled as she pushed which did the trick and he popped right out.  Then after she licked and licked his bottom half I decided to tear the membrane from his face so that he could breath when the time was right.  We waited for her to nip the umbilical cord but she didn't and I ended up tying it off with floss and cutting it cause she kept trying to drag him around and I didn't want the cord to tear too closely to the puppy's body.  Then after we left the room she finally delivered the placenta and promptly ate it!!  Eeeewwwwww!!  So here I am, "Ms. No Intervention" doing tons of it myself!!  Sigh!!  But we did wait over and beyond what would be considered "patiently waiting" and only stepped in when I felt very concerned for the puppy. 

And yes, there's only just the one puppy--a boy.  He's really adorible and Olivia is an extremely protective momma.  She wouldn't even go potty until this morning (right about 36 hours from birth!!).  We kept taking her outside (we had to wrap her in a blanket to keep her from biting us) to go but she wouldn't.  I figured that when she couldn't hold it any longer she'd go.  I was planning to call the vet this morning if she didn't go but everything worked out fine.

I'll post more pictures as I'm able.  The kids are already talking about wanting to breed her again!!!  No way!!  At least not anytime soon!!  Too much stress for my liking!

Son #6 holding the puppy while mommy was out to try to go potty...


grammy said...

What an adventure (o:
so cute and tiny
we never had a dog have puppies... so I don't know what it is like. It does sound stressful.

mommyx12 said...

My children would be so excited to hold those precious puppies. How fun!

Carol............. said...

Good job midwife..and congrads!

How exciting!