Friday, December 3, 2010

Falling off the Wagon...

Well, there I was--doing so well.  Yesterday I just felt off and checked my blood sugar after lunch and it was up to over 250.  Sigh.  Just was eating what I should be.  Go figure.  So I went and got my prescription renewed and took a pill.  Then I got aggravated and  frustrated and ate a piece of cherry pie!!  Sigh.  So today is a new day, right?  And what did I do?  I ate another piece of cherry pie this morning.  OK, so I'm mentally picking myself up off the floor, giving myself a good kick in the hind regions, and starting anew!! 

I've been working for some time to try to not "reward" or "punish" myself with food.  Many of us do.  Sometimes it's just this subconscious thing and we don't realize that we've done it until the damage is done.  I have many other enjoyable--or not so enjoyable--activities that I can use to reward/punish with so it's always kind of shocking when I catch myself after the fact.  Duh!  OK, so this is a new minute!!  :-)

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