Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I've Really Lost It!!

We all lose things. It's just a part of life, right? But how can a person lose their camera???? It's not big and bulky like my old one was. We misplace it all the time. When you have 10 people at home and most of them use it at least weekly, it's bound to get lost every now and then. But yikes!! It's been almost a month now and we've looked most everywhere. I'm starting to get concerned that maybe it fell into the trash or something (that's what happens to all of our missing silverware and dishes). So if anyone feels led to pray for us to find our beloved camera I would be most appreciative!! We've never been without it this long!! Boo Hoo!!

On a happier technological note, I'm getting a Blackberry today!! Yippee!! Both DH and Son #3 have iPhones hand I confess I've been a bit jealous. My old phone that I'm currently using is several years old though it's been a tank and handled all of the abuse I've accidentally thrown it's way. I will definitely need to be more careful with my Blackberry. :-)


grammy said...

Hope you find it
my lost things evintually show up
a prayer went up (o;
I miss seeing you at my blog...

Teena said...

I love my blackberry! YAY!

praying you find your phone.

my computer is in the shop... so I am at the church. I can check fb and read blogs from my blackberry!