Sunday, February 7, 2010

Our Week With Snow

Our home sometimes reminds me of an "ant farm". We've had the pleasure of owning a couple of AntWorks "ant farms". (Isn't that gel that they tunnel through and eat so cool?) Busy, busy, busy!! Not that we work that hard--though we should--we're just always busy doing some little something.

Daughter #3's 15th birthday!!

The snow give occasion to many "photo shoots" around our place.

The Girls

The Little Boys

Son #3

"Hey mom! You haven't put any pictures of me on your blog lately have you???" Seriously, this girl is a character!! She's daring and stubborn and so beautiful!!
Daughter #2...
our Ice Princess!!

The cold has no power over her!!

And yes, Daughter #2 (our resident photographer since Son #2 moved to Hawaii) even conned me into getting my picture. Do you see that I got my hair cut? It hasn't been this short in over 20 years--it sits right on top of my shoulders. I've always kept it put up anyway. And can you see that I'm wearing my Crocs? Lovely snow shoes don't you think??? (my eyes aren't shut, by the way. I squint really bad when it's bright!!)

This is our "snow dog" Lila.
She loves the cold!!

Lila is part Black Lab and part Chow. One night I had this dream that we found a puppy in our barn. Then that very morning the kids woke me up shouting about finding a puppy in the barn. I was like "yeah, I know!!"--then I realized I had only been dreaming. She looked just how she looked in my dream. A big ball of black fur. That was about 10 years ago. She's getting older now. She's been a faithful watchdog and protector for so many years and I'm thankful that the Lord sent her to us--even if she does steal our eggs. :-)


dirtyduck said...

that is so cool that you had a dream...and it came true!! lol i had a dream that our MALE dog had puppies... anyway what a great ending, you kept her!

grammy said...

What great pictures.
You have a great family (o:
I saw the lion in the cloud by the way,

Fruitful Harvest said...

Hi Kris~
What great pictures~
I do love your hair~

Looks like you too have had a few birthdays at your place!

Thanks for stoping by my blog today! Its always nice to "see" you!

Warm Blessings,