Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Feeling Miserable

This week hasn't been the greatest for me. On Sunday (the day we went to visit sweet daughter in law and new baby) at bedtime I knew that the cold that everyone else in the family had caught and was pretty much over had finally broke through my defenses (probably because I gave our little guy a goodbye kiss--or 10) and I was well on my way to being sick too. When I get sick I don't lay in bed in pink jammies and sniffle sweetly. No I get SICK!! Wild hair from tossing and turning, coughing like a hound dog at bay (I constantly struggled with bronchitis as a child), cranky and frustrated--and I hate having to get up and do stuff. I HATE being sick. Period.

Of course I had to get up today and come to our office and work. I think that I'm kind of feeling better--or maybe it's the DayQuil. And since I'm here at our office I thought I'd post.

Grandson #2's jaundice levels went up and they readmitted him into the hospital. They informed my sweet daughter in law that the only options for him was formula or an IV. Son #1 ended up working late and wasn't able to be there (her mother has been visiting and was there to help) and when he called to find out what had been going on he could hear the baby screaming in the background--they had been trying for almost a half an hour to put in an IV. Can you believe that? They did threaten to leave and go somewhere more friendly to their choices. Obviously, his levels have dropped as he's supposed to come home tonight or tomorrow morning. It just frustrates me to no end to be manipulated like that!! Go figure!!

Anyway, just thought I'd share my misery! ;-)

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Fruitful Harvest said...

Well I pray that you are feelin better by now (its March 4)

I just came by to see whqat you have been up to!
What a joyous time to hold your grandbaby! So sweet!

I will now go read some of your older posts....but wanted to leave a connet before I get called away..LOL know how that goes!

Peace and LOve,

PS I got to meet ED HUME at MOPS on Tuesday....I posted about it if you have time to see?