Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More Strange Weather

Ok, I can understand all of the snow storms that much of our nation is having but our temps here in Mid Missouri is in the low 50s and we are having thunderstorms. Thunderstorms 2 days before Christmas??? Sure we've had them in December before but that was always the first half of the month.

I've put my request in for 2 feet of snow this year!! Yes, really. I LOVE the snow!! Since we live around the Lake of the Ozarks area we don't really get much snow. Generally we have ice. Not as fun and quite destructive.

This is a picture of our Mimosa tree in the front yard a couple of years ago. See the seed pods sitting there frozen horizontally from the blowing rain/ice and wind? Do you see one of our many little feathered friends that we try to keep fed during the winter? The ice may not be friendly but it sure makes for a beautiful landscape.


Teena said...

How neat... I love your blog. I am at church and pulled it up on the high speed computer. How awesome and love the music.


wish we could sit and visit.


grammy said...

My inlaws (late 80's) were here for the wedding and drove out (from Kansas City Mo.) in bad weather Dec. 23rd... then hame on New Years Eve (not good either). They worry me to death when they do that.
Hubby has some relatives in the Lake area, but I forget their name.