Thursday, December 17, 2009

Our Attempt at Family Pictures for Christmas

Do you ever have photo shoots where everything just goes wrong? Well that was us the other night. One night to get our family pics done. Just one since we couldn't get everyone together after that. After finally getting in some practice shots my camera's battery up and died!! Why did we not think to make sure it had a good charge? Thankfully my sweet daughter-in-law had brought hers. Then the lighting stank. Adorible grandson was cranky!! Everybody seemed sidetracked. So this is the best we could do.

I was going to have some printed to send with our family newsletter but did a test print and... YUCK!! So this is going to have to do.

And Son #1's family...

I'm wishing us better luck next year!!

1 comment:

grammy said...

I so understand
We did get some at thanksgiving... but they are on my sons camera
now I am at his mercy...waiting for him to make me a copy(o:
By the way, I do like your picture.