Monday, November 16, 2009

Playing Catch-up

Just thought I'd give an update on what's going on 'round the homestead. Grab a cup of something nice and warm while you catch up cause it's cold and rainy again here--and I feel so much better thinking of you all cozy and warm!! :-)

DH drove his parents down to our place yesterday in their RV. They'll be staying at least a couple of weeks so that we can help them out with food and stuff. My Father in law is doing great and looks the picture of rosy health. The doctor says that he can't life anything over 5 pounds so he just gets to take things easy for a while. And it's nothing for us to cook for a couple more people. When you're already cooking for 10 on a daily basis a couple more small servings ain't nothing!!

This has not been my "month" for appliances.
  • First my vacuum cleaner broke down but DH managed to find a part from an old, spare vacuum we had sitting around. It worked great until I broke it again. Grrrr...
  • Then my washer went out on me (needs an expensive part) and I managed to locate a free washer on Craigslist that someone wanted out of their basement. DH got it installed and discovered that the motor was locked up. Yeah, the nice little old lady swore it worked--and it did after a good dose of wd40 and some tlc. It's still working fine though we did have to tighten the belt a bit. What do you expect for an appliance that's "free"? And while the free machine works fine I really miss my awesome front loader that washes twice the clothes for half the soap. But since I make my own laundry soap the cost isn't terribly bad. It's just not as convenient to have to make it more often.
  • Now my stove is out of service with one of the parts leaking gas and we have to order new parts for it too. I'm using my crockpot, a little countertop electric burner and the microwave (sparingly!) to cook.

When it rains, it pours!! We are trying to as frugal as possible since money is very tight for us right now. It certainly makes for interesting and creative moments around our place.

With the colder wet weather here now there's more chores for the kids to do. The goats have to be brought into the barn at night now and thus taken back out to the field in the morning. The sheep always stay out. We have a small shelter in the field but I'd rather play it safe than have the goats coming down sick.

I got my first (heirloom) seed catalog in the mail last week!! I've devoured it a couple of times already. A passionate gardener is either IN their garden or thinking about it!! Ha Ha!! If I could only accomplish half of what I dream up!!

Last week I discovered this amazing herbal site. I found their blog first... The videos are just great!! Thanks to their site I am now making my own soda culture!! Check it out if you are interested in herbs and healthy living. They have a free e-course too. Lots, lots, LOTS of great information.

Well, that's about all of the interesting stuff going on, aside from the "interesting" daily stuff. Never a dull moment!! ;-)

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Hey Kris~
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I will be back soon to read your last posting and comment but time is short tonght as my sister came over for the day and just left...noe its dinner and church tonight!